2 Oct. 2016

3 Season 6 Episode

The Battle of Central Park

The Battle of Central Park Information

Episode NameThe Battle of Central Park
Telecast Date2 Oct. 2016
Serie TitleThe Strain

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The Strain begins off as an intriguing thought on the vampire topic – envision vampirism is a strain of a destructive infection, which transforms individuals into vampiric animals; and “patient zero” is a malicious animal went for spreading his affliction. Blend in some cutting edge “saints” as a CDC reaction group, and include the knowledge of an old hero of the central terrible person, with a sprinkling of evil awful folks sneaking in shadows. We even have a scene where legend doc comes back to his old house to advise his significant other and youngster to escape Dodge yet disgusting new sweetheart offers him out to the feds. So it’s re-hashed characters, as well as re-hashed scenes. “Mother” then sends child off to class that is i’d main thing if a CDC specialist let me know there was a lethal infection and I needed to leave town right now.