20 Nov. 2016

3 Season 13 Episode

No Longer Just Us

No Longer Just Us Information

Episode NameNo Longer Just Us
Telecast Date20 Nov. 2016
Serie TitleYou're the Worst

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scene mixes well together, and even the soundtrack is right on the money. Immaculate script which doesn’t utilize any superfluous humorous fillers to cushion the plot line. Stephen Falk was not hesitant to think outside about the container and concoct charming scenes that pushed the limits sufficiently only to add a feeling of craziness to the appear. I got myself drew in with each character on the appear and inquisitive to see what they would do next. Genuinely an underrated appear, I would like to see it pick up prominence as everybody ought to watch this extraordinary parody. The pilot got me intrigued, the following scene got me left, and as I just viewed the third scene, it made them wail with chuckling.