28 Sep. 2016

6 Season 3 Episode

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Information

Episode NameChapter 3
Telecast Date28 Sep. 2016

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Further synopsis, The mother is whiney, terrible, and path past her prime, the father talks like a weakling to each irate female he keeps running into (which is every one of them), Tate has destroyed such a large number of lives without results (yet hes officially dead), the little girl is pretty however whiney like her mom and by one means or another preferences the house and needs to engage in sexual relations/kiss phantom Tate the irregular executioner, the neighbor’s old trashy southern accent gets tedious, the loss of life of uninteresting characters is high and the scaryness is 0, and there is actually no character Im steering for or even give it a second thought on the off chance that they survive.