2 Sep. 2016

2 Season 6 Episode

Los Pepes

Los Pepes Information

Episode NameLos Pepes
Telecast Date2 Sep. 2016
Serie TitleNarcos
Release Year

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There is an American voice (same on-screen character as the DEA operator) clarifying how the stories goes out of sight as often as possible. I am happy that he is doing that, since the Colombians are communicating in Spanish rather than English for a change, so the English voice clarifying the story is a pleasant commitment. Well done Netflix Trust me, go and watch this show as quickly as time permits! Netflix has at the end of the day demonstrated that they are great rivalry for the huge TV stations, or as I would see it notwithstanding exceeding the competition.P.S. you don’t need to sit tight a week for the following scene, similar to your regularly do with TV stations!

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