2 Sep. 2016

2 Season 9 Episode

Nuestra Finca

Nuestra Finca Information

Episode NameNuestra Finca
Telecast Date2 Sep. 2016
Serie TitleNarcos
Release Year

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Narcos doesn’t joke around or turn its back to the sheer medication dread that reigned in that time; expect full-frontal shots of brutality, medications, nakedness and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. I liked the way that they blended these specific scenes with genuine chronicle footage.In spite of the fact that Narcos at last does not achieve the same astonishing statures as The Wire or Breaking Bad – how about we not kid ourselves; just The Sopranos may approach – it’s completely, 100%, worth a watch, and an awesome expansion to the effectively great 2015 rundown of Netflix Originals.

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