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Serie TitleOnce Upon a Time

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that the executives and essayists would have been faithful to their arrangement and built up their thoughts more as opposed to surging them down the throats of the fans, I would have given this arrangement a 8 out of 10, but since the arrangement is going descending and clearly they have came up short on thoughts and are simply filling clear pages with basically anything without considering, I’m giving it a 6 rather and that is only for the three first seasons.

What baffling show! Jeez, Kitsis and Horowitz treat the gathering of people like we’re shams who can’t recall what happened a week ago!  The consistency of scenes is hit – or-miss and has been progressively frustrating. I trust that Lana Parilla and Robert Carlyle proceed onward to an alternate venture that can better use their gifts. Concerning me, I’m finished with OUaT. Fill me in regarding whether they do a Rumbelle turn off.