3 Season 2 Episode

The Throuple

The Throuple Information

Episode NameThe Throuple
Telecast Date2017-01-17
Serie TitleSchitt's Creek
Release Year

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A Canadian-made sitcom with the low-pun title “Schitt’s Creek,” and co-created by Levy and his son Dan Levy, it premieres Wednesday on Pop, formerly the TV Guide Network. Do not be put off by the name or by the unfamiliarity of the venue.

Or by the provenance, our comedic debt to Canada being beyond measure. It’s very funny, beautifully played, sometimes touching and, though its premise is familiar — rich family loses money — quite its own animal.

The Levys play father and son Johnny and David Rose who, with mother Moira (O’Hara) and daughter Alexis (Annie Murphy), are suddenly thrown from their mansion and stripped of their glittering possessions for back taxes. A crooked business manager is to blame.

One asset that remains to them, deemed worthless by the government, is a semi-distressed small town Johnny bought as “a joke” in his salad days — a twist inspired by Kim Basinger’s 1989 purchase of Braselton, Ga. — and to which they repair to regroup, living in adjoining rooms in a motel whose ceilings drip and sheets reek.”They’re human beings, and they’re going through something tragic, really, for them,” said O’Hara on a recent afternoon in a San Fernando Valley coffeehouse. Levy was there too, visiting from Toronto. “You see someone suffering and start thinking” — she made a shivering noise — “even at my level of wealth or lack of wealth, if everything was ripped out from under me overnight, how would I react? Hopefully, they’ll learn something from it; their lifestyle has divided them, they’ve lived really separate lives, the Roses and their children. And now there’s no getting away from one another.”Dan Levy, who had spent several years as an on-air personality on MTV Canada, came to his father with the idea because “I just seemed like the right person to approach. He wanted the same kind of sensibility in this show that Chris Guest and I had in our movies” — Eugene Levy was Guest’s co-writer on their four pictures together — “which is grounded in as much realism as we could muster. It’s not about jokes, the humor comes from character. There’s nothing tongue in cheek about anything anybody’s doing in this show.”

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