3 Season 23 Episode

Back to the Moon

Back to the Moon Information

Episode NameBack to the Moon
Telecast Date2016-08-09
Serie TitleSteven Universe
Release Year

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Steven Universe Season 3 Episode 23 Watch Online Free

Steven Universe Season 3 Episode 23 Watch Online Free

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The exchange resemble “Plan 9 from Outer Space”? Better believe it since that makes sense,not once (So far) in the show have they said anything in regards to outsiders or Zombies.The show is around a child name Steven Universe who is half pearl (Mother side) and half human (Father side),who goes on “fun” and enchanted undertakings with a female battling group called The Crystal Gems or for short “The Gems”. Each jewel is name after a diamond aside from Steven who has a Rose-quart gem,anyway they go on mysterious enterprises and Steven sing tunes, similar to go ahead, a 8 years of age can comprehend the idea all around ok to appreciate the appear. They had 10 minutes and however like the Steven Universe pilot it gave us the sense to what show is about, and what we can anticipate.