4 Season 7 Episode

Onion Gang

Onion Gang Information

Episode NameOnion Gang
Telecast Date2016-09-15
Serie TitleSteven Universe
Release Year

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I have never truly been too huge of a fanatic of the more up to date Cartoon Network. Steven Universe has high potential as an enlivened arrangement. We have a fascinating thrown of center characters, with the Gems and Steven being the fundamental concentrate as such. Rebecca Sugar’s craft truly emerges in its greatness and is one of the best I’ve seen, matching whatever else up to. By him are the Crystal Gems, female legends that shield the world from insidiousness through the force of their pearls. Garnet, the cool and more quiet of the Gems,
Generally speaking, Rebecca Sugar’s Steven Universe has left a nostalgic feeling in my heart. The characters are fascinating, the music is astounding. In any case, there is something else entirely to uncover seeing as the amount they uncovered on the arrangement debut. are all “Dexter’s Lab Lite”.