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Episode 5

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Episode NameEpisode 5
Telecast Date2016-12-18
Serie TitleThe Affair
Release Year

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The other issue with the contrasting p.o.v. stories is that the show does not adhere to the p.o.v. of the individual named toward the start of every “part”. So we will watch Alison’s p.o.v., for instance, and afterward all of a sudden we are transported into police HQ where a criminologist is burrowing profound earth. Yet, Alison is not there, not seeing this and would have no attention to it. So how is this originating from her p.o.v.?

They don’t have anything in like manner, never have intriguing discussions, and appear to get to know each other gazing at each other with tormented expressions while previously mentioned tinkly piano music makes an overwhelming environment.