10 Season 11 Episode

The Birthday Synchronicity

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Episode NameThe Birthday Synchronicity
Telecast Date2016-12-15
Release Year

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The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 11 Watch Online Free

The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 11 Watch Online Free

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Bernadette has started giving birth however when they get their they’re advised to go home e since her compressions are too far separated. So Sheldon and Amy wake up comfortable on the grounds that it’s her birthday and are going to rest together as their yearly custom Leonard and Penny let them know they need to go to the healing center in light of the fact that Bernadette started giving birth so they head down the stairs and they get a call saying they don’t need to go to the clinic. At that point Penny understands it’s Amy’s birthday and she continues making recommendations about what they ought to do and Leonard says they need to engage in sexual relations. Penny then says: “Gracious I see it’s the ideal opportunity for the Birthday Booty Spectacular!” Back at the Wolowitz home Raj is taping them and incidentally uncovers that they’re having a young lady! They show him out. He goes to Lenny’s home and they will rest together so they show him out. Back at Shamy’s Amy tries to flavor things up by dressing like Harry Potter and he gets frantic that she went to wizarding world without him. At that point Raj interferes with him and afterward they close the entryway on him and after that Bernadette’s water breaks no doubt and Amy shouts: “You must child me!!” They take off and at the healing center Bernadette a Howard are attempting to make sense of names and they raise Mrs Wolowitz and have a sweet minute discussing how she would be an awesome grandma. In the holding up territory Lenny, Shamy and Raj and Stuart are discussing how Howard and Bernadette are changing as well as so is whatever remains of the gathering and they discuss real changes in their lives and Raj completes frantic about how he’s nothing and they say he figured out how to converse with ladies and he claims a pooch. He says that is not that great. At that point a period hop happens and the infant young lady is conceived and they named her Halley! Furthermore, Raj is the godparent! He’s energized! Later they go to the nursery and they attempt to see which ones the child. Raj says he’s the godparent so he knows which one is his goddaughter. At that point a cry is heard and it is a cry that if Mrs. Wolowitz were a crying child it would sound simply like her! At that point Raj says: “alright, that one!” Then in the label scene around the same time Shamy returns from Wizarding World and Sheldon says it’s chance however Amy stresses he’s been drained in light of the fact that they’ve been up throughout the night yet he says they went on an enchantment prepare that foreplay enough! At that point he does magic: “Hankius Pankius”!