2 Nov. 2016

10 Season 3 Episode

The Dependence Transcendence

The Dependence Transcendence Information

Episode NameThe Dependence Transcendence
Telecast Date2 Nov. 2016
Release Year

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Conventional parody including typical lady + nerds who are (a) so inundated in geekdom as to be heedless to her implied charms or (b) sex-starved and urgent to get laid. Ha. Ha. Likewise, take note of: this is not a “savvy parody” in light of the fact that now and again a portion of the nerds will participate in an expanded insightful monolog; you can block out the monolog totally and the feeble “joke” that includes it won’t lose any of its (absence of) punch. That is not witty. The jokes are modest, exhausting and expected; that is sufficiently not to make me give it a second thought.

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