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Episode NameGaia
Telecast Date2016-10-13
Serie TitleThe Blacklist
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It began of exceptionally banality with fundamental character (needed criminal) strolling into to a government building. The principal let-down was the 6-8 polices remaining around him with guns and rifles. (Possibly they would have quite recently bound him with no 7-8 seconds stand around with stacked weapons, in a building loaded with regular folks to minimize the threat?) My instructed was: “Its only a one minor subtle element”. At that point a specific police is required for him to co-work. Thus,

the police touch base to get her at her home with 4-5 autos tires screeching and police lights on (The Cavalry has arrived), and with Army helicopter before an ordinary non military personnel building. Perhaps only a little quick police helicopter and one auto so the whole road wouldn’t know somethings happening. “Another point of interest, trust this shows signs of improvement” I instructed. I have notice that the police were not in any sort of rush by then to legitimize this garish landing.