31 Jan. 2017

3 Season 18 Episode


Telecast Date31 Jan. 2017
Serie TitleThe Flash

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Each scene Iris West continues forever about how “Barry misled me “my beau misled me.” Talk around a broken record. To start with she goes from being a server to mystically landing a position as a top correspondent. At that point she spends whatever is left of her screen time blaming individuals for misleading her, then acting like a 10 year old by giving everybody the noiseless treatment. Her rages are constantly about, “I thought you adored me,” “I thought you were my closest companion.” Unfortunately I know I am not by any means the only individual who simply needs somebody to put a shot in her mind and get that.Irritating character off the appear. Also, why in the world would anybody need to date or live with that wench? Her character adds nothing to any storyline. Dispose of her. It is generally a quite decent, but, a sort of puerile appear.