7 Feb. 2017

3 Season 19 Episode


Telecast Date7 Feb. 2017
Serie TitleThe Flash

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Barry Allen was presented amid “Bolt” season 2, which was the show in its prime. In the wake of setting him up in the universe, they went ahead to make a show based altogether around Barry Allen turning into The Flash. Since “Bolt” was getting darker and darker, “The Flash” went the other way. It’s the tonal absolute opposite of “Bolt”. Carefree, eccentric, and senseless, yet grounded enough to make us give it a second thought, and the composition is pretty much as sharp and witty as you’d trust. At the point when the characters were initially presented in the “Bolt” scene, I thought I would despise them in “The Flash”. Yet, after a couple of scenes, every character is created with a specific part in the appear, and it works ponders.