1 Nov. 2016

1 Season 5 Episode


Contrapasso Information

Episode NameContrapasso
Telecast Date1 Nov. 2016
Serie TitleWestworld

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Adventureland, Frontierland, and the World of Tomorrow, Delos has three diverse resort sort spots to visit, Romanworld, Medievalworld and Westworld. Our two intrepids have picked the Westworld experience. They get the chance to blend and blend in an old west boondocks town, or if nothing else a Hollywood sort variant of same and get the vibe of western life. Included are gunfights and bar fights, for example, you find in any great Hollywood western. This is the thing that Richard Benjamin and James Brolin have decided for themselves. For reasons unexplained in the story, the entire thing separates in each of the three subject universes and on account of Westworld, an extremely frightful gunslinger robot has shaken free from his prog